What we're all about

Our primary objective is producing healthy, sustainable, high-protein foods.


We use mealworms (that we grow ourselves) as an option to add an eco-friendly protein and micronutrients boost to our food products.


Insects are an extremely sustainable, energy and nutrient-rich source of protein and essential amino acids.  Billions of people around the world already consume insects.  Why not us?



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What's the big deal?

Understanding the Issue:

  • Traditional protein production methods are environmentally unsustainable as the world population continues to increase.

  • 70% of deforested land in the Amazon is needed for pasture space.

  • Manure from traditional livestock contaminates our water with nutrients, toxins and pathogens.

  • 18% of Greenhouse Gas emissions come from livestock rearing.

Why eat Insects:

  • Great flavor and high in protein.

  • Fewer Greenhouse Gas emissions compared to pigs and beef cattle.

  • Far more efficient at converting feed into increased body mass.

  • Significantly less land and water requirements than traditional livestock

Note: Blue bars represent minimal values and the red bars represent maximum values found in literature.​

Source: Oonincx DGAB, de Boer IJM (2012) Environmental Impact of the Production of Mealworms as a Protein Source for Humans – A Life Cycle Assessment. PLOS ONE 7(12): e51145. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0051145

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