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Innovative, Eco-friendly Food


our mission

Food scarcity is an issue for millions of people around the globe.  The world population continues to grow, increasing this challenge.  Our current methods for food production are environmentally costly and must adapt in order to address these challenges. 


At ArboVe, our focus is developing underutilized, nutritious food sources that are more environmentally-friendly and sustainable to produce on mass-scale.

our Values

  • Health

  • Quality

  • Sustainability

  • Integrity

  • Inclusivity


Our products

S'mores Nebrioli Granola

Sweet, melted chocolate flavor with twice the protein of traditional granola!

Honey Roasted


(Bite-size pack)


Great for snacking, this sweet and crispy bite-sized treat is the perfect first step into the world of edible insects.

Honey Roasted


(Snack-size pack)

Our original treat just got upsized!



Add a boost of protein and fiber to any meal!


What's the big deal?

Understanding the Issue:

  • Traditional protein production methods are environmentally unsustainable as the world population continues to increase.

  • 70% of deforested land in the Amazon is needed for pasture space.

  • Manure from traditional livestock contaminates our water with nutrients, toxins and pathogens.

  • 18% of Greenhouse Gas emissions come from livestock rearing.

Why eat Insects:

  • Great flavor and high in protein.

  • Fewer Greenhouse Gas emissions compared to pigs and beef cattle.

  • Far more efficient at converting feed into increased body mass.

  • Significantly less land and water requirements than traditional livestock