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About US

ArboVe is an innovative food company founded by Grant Beatty in August 2018. Drawing from his passion for the living world, coupled with a desire to produce food that is pure in its health benefits, he began formulating products that would meet the combined demands of health and environmental sustainability.

We selectively incorporate unique ingredients that have exceptional health qualities and we create our products using methods that maintain those beneficial qualities.

Throughout our existence we have continually worked to improve our sustainability and reduce our environmental footprint. The environment around us is extremely important to us and we are passionate about engaging with causes that benefit the environment.

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our mission

Simple: wholesome, healthy food using natural ingredients in their most natural form.


Additionally, we want to incorporate sustainability into everything we do so we can leave this world a greener place.


Lastly, our goal is to foster equality and equity in our community, paying it forward as we go. 

Our Values

  • Health 

  • Quality 

  • Sustainability 

  • Integrity 

  • Inclusivity 

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