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Peanut Flour

Our peanut flour which, is certified grain and gluten free, is made by grinding premium US-grown, dry-roasted peanuts and then separating the solid portion from the peanut oil.  This reduces the total fat content of the end product and concentrates the protein, fiber and other nutrient contents of the flour. 


100 grams of peanut flour contains 50 g of protein, 10% DV calcium and 17% DV Iron.  Peanut flour is also a good source of folate, zinc and potassium and is particularly high in magnesium, phosphorous and niacin. 


Lab studies indicate peanut flour can help to reduce cholesterol levels.  Also, peanut flour has an exceptionally high level of Arginine which is known to play a role in opening blood vessels and increasing blood flow which promotes healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

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