What is Nebrioli?

Nebrioli is a delectable, high-protein, high-energy ingredient that you can add to nearly any meal or simply eat by itself. It’s a diverse and innovative food brought to you by ArboVe. Our Nebrioli offers you a significantly higher concentration of protein, fiber, and micronutrients per gram than traditional meats. Nebrioli is also a more eco-friendly protein source as it requires less land, water and feed to produce the same amount of protein.

But what REALLY is Nebrioli? Well, Nebrioli is to mealworm as beef is to cow. In other words, Nebrioli is the cooked form of mealworms. These mealworms are the second life phase of the darkling beetle (Tenebrio Molitor). Here at ArboVe, we do everything in-house to ensure we’re providing safe and high-quality foods. From growing the mealworms to cooking and packing the final product, we know exactly what’s going into our products and where they come from. We feed our mealworms quality organic ingredients and never use antibiotics, pesticides or other unnatural chemicals.

We currently have three Nebrioli products: Honey Roasted Nebrioli, Crushed Nebrioli, and S’mores Nebrioli Granola. If you’re looking for healthy, environmentally-sustainable protein, Nebrioli is for you! Hop on and join the billions of people already enjoying the benefits of eco-friendly ento-protein!

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